Thursday, July 9, 2009


Dale and Lincoln went to the Lehi Rodeo in their get-up. Don't they look handsome! I love the too small cowboy hat. We will have to upgrade that soon.
Gotta love the cowboy boots.


Arah, Sheri and I took the kids to the pool. Which then I realized that I am not the biggest fan of the pool with two babies. I need to put Lincoln in swimming lessons. It's a must next summer. He isn't very comfortable in the water. He had a life jacket and a tube on. It reminds me of the commercial about the car insurance and the kid has too much protectant devices. It was fun and I have made it ther a couple more times since this.


Just to let you know.....Kids eat free at Chick-fil-A, Wednesdays from 5-8pm. If we are in the area this is where we go. We took Gavin and Arah with us this time and they had a lot of fun together.

Gavin is walking down the slide.
Lincoln is stuck in the tree house...oh no, help Mommy!
Buddies just hanging out.

Dino Musuem with Taylor

The last time Lisa and I went to the Dino museum, Lincoln heard noises and wouldn't go in. But the this time he loved the sounds. To be two, I just don't understand it.
Family pic at the play area.
Lisa and Taylor
Lincoln climbing the hands on Dinosaur. Don't you love how James is staring at the camera. Lincoln loves the Dino museum again, thank goodness because this is the place when the weather is bad to go.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Disney Movie Up

We went to see the Disney movie UP. This was our first 3-D movie. It was James first movie ever. He is such a good boy that I thought we didn't need a babysitter. Which we didn't but. The second the previews starts I smell a stinky odor coming from James' diaper. When I went to a non changing table bathroom, and set him on the counter, I realized it was a blow out like no other. All over his back and down his inner thigh. Luckily, I pack the house and was well prepared for moments like this.
When I finally got him cleaned up we went in the movie and had Dale catch me up to speed. James sat and watched some of the movie and then ate most of the time. Lincoln watched 3/4ths of the movie and then started walking the stairs. But, I was surprised because he left his glasses on the whole time. Go figure.
James before the accident.
We love when Dale can come with us.
Needless to say it was a fun afternoon for the Rex's.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

the simple things are some of the big things to my little Lincoln

Lincoln begs to hold James. I love that they love each other. I will admit this is the time when I freak out. I am getting better. Love the bow tie, Linc!
Such a proud big brother. James loves when Lincoln gives him attention. Unless it's to close.
Loves kisses. Lincoln is my cuddly one. James likes his space.

lets play BALL

Lincoln calls Dale about 3-10 times a day to ask him if they can go play baseball. Half the time he steals my phone and calls him without me knowing. So, here you go Lincoln your favorite thing to do. Play ball.

iT's CarPeT tIMe

Dale thinks I am so lucky to go on all these fun play dates. Which I am. But, by far my favorite thing to do with my kids is Carpet time. Lincoln always says the funniest things and James loves the attention on his level. I love, love, love this time of day. I hope I never forget the things that are said at this time, and the feeling I feel just playing on the ground with my kids.

Garden with Madison and Kennedy

The gardens at Thanksgiving Point is my favorite. Lincoln always tells me we are going to Gardens. He is a pretty persistant kid. Like I said what my baby wants my baby gets.

Madison and Kennedy came with us to do some arts and crafts in the play houses. We made a jumping paper frog. Lincoln looks so intrigued doesn't he.

James enjoyed himself as well.
This is the coolest part of the house. They have bees that fly into a tube from the outside of the house and work on a honeycomb. It is so fun to find the Queen bee. The have her marked with a marker.


Madison is posing on the Noahs rock.

Aunt Mikki brought some fun toys for the Noahs Arc water feature. It was a hot item with the other kids too.

Lincoln loves to have fun.

Mikki and Matt are so lucky to have these beautiful, sweet girls.

I have to kiss him in public as much as possible because sooner or later he is going to be embarrassed of me. Can you believe that!

Ring around the roseys....

Since, I have had James I get nervous going to the pool with both my boys without Dale. This has been a perfect place for us to go since the water is about a foot deep.

Doesn't James look like he is having the time of his life.

One of my favorite parts of the gardens is the little stations they have. They have a building area, which they played in for quite awhile.

This is what Lincoln built...isn't it beautiful.

They have a music area with a stage and little log chairs. Lincoln loves this wooden xylophone.

This is the arts and crafts area. I love the tower! Does every boy love to build towers or what.

Doesn't she look so cute in her polka dotted bathing suit.